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Words that are not really words

made up wordsHere are some words that are probably made up or just evolved over time.  My son pointed out a list of some 15 of these that first appeared in the blog daily writing tips.  Go to this excellent site to see all the words and much more.

I have taken the liberty to highlight some of the words on the list that tend to drive me crazy when I see or hear them.

Let’s start with firstly.   It’s ok to say secondly or thirdly, but please say first, not firstly.

Why do we have to add to an already good word. Take for instance orientate. This is a form of orientation but the extra part does not need to be there.

Over the years, preventive has become preventative to many.  Please be aware of this.

I seldom hear this one, but some of you may use it.  That is participator. The word is participant, folks.

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