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Thaw vs. dethaw

thaw_vs_dethaw_1Many great discussions start in my writers’ critique group.  Due to our diverse age span, backgrounds and education, we all have different takes on some words and their meanings.

In a recent submission, one of the writers used the word “dethaw” in a story. A couple of us questioned this word.  I, for one, have never heard it or seen it in print.

Web research shows that it may be a word.  The meaning of dethaw is that something becomes or is caused to become soft or liquid.

The website Yahoo Answers had a long explanation of the term dethaw some years ago. In part, here is what johndiva said in his answer on the website.

THAW and DEFROST are cognates — the first one comes from Germanic and the second word from Latin. Therefore, you can use them interchangeably as synonyms.

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