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New words are really old words


We are so clever with our words–or at least we think we are.  People are always coining new words to fit a situation.    Some words that we think are old have been around for a long time.

Thanks to me friend and fellow writer, Maryjo Morgan, (Fred’s Used Websites) for sending me this Mental Floss article.

Some of the words that have been around a long time are unfriend, dude, hangout, tricked out and puke.

Click on the Mental Floss link to find 16 words that are older than you think.

New words in the dictionary

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Each year, dictionaries add new words.  They base these new works on how often they are used over time.

Katina Solomon of www.onlinecollege.org contacted me recently via email.  She says she reads www.wordsbybob.com  and thought an article onlinecollege published recently on “50 Funniest Pop Culture Sayings That Made it to the Dictionary” might be something I could use. 

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Friend or unfriend?


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That is the word of the year according to the New Oxford American Dictionary.

For the uninitiated, unfriend is a verb meaning to remove someone as a”‘friend” on a social networking site such as Facebook, etc.

I guess this is the politically correct way of saying you are dumping someone. So, can a couple be unmarried as opposed to divorcing. Why not call it like it is?

If Neil Sedaka recorded his hit “Breaking Up Is Hard to Do” now instead of 1962, it would have to be “Unfriending Is Hard to Do” I guess.

Who goes there? Friend or unfriend?

MORE:   A recent post on this blog talked about new words added to the dictionary.  One was frenemy.