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Freemiums Do you use them?


Freeiums  Are they really free?


Freemium has to be a fairly new word to the English language.   Freemium is a portmanteau, combining the words free and premium.

It is a pricing strategy where a product or service is provided free of charge. The free items usually are digital in nature.  In many cases, it is possible to upgrade to add more than is offered by the basic free product.

A free trial is not a freemium.  With a trial, you get to try something for free but only for a limited time.

A good example of a freemium is Linkedin.   This site allows anyone (for free) to add their profile, picture and bio.  If you want more features, you must pay Linkedin.

Another example—I have downloaded some digital books recently.  Yes, they are really free.  Sometimes the site offering them will show  you additional products or services for purchase. In many cases, it seems they also want to capture your email in hopes of selling you something in the future.

What good freemiums have you encountered?