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Cravat or ascot — all tied up

deCravat vs. Ascot

Why is this on my mind?   I’m really not sure.  Maybe it is the hot weather that gets me thinking how thankful I am that I don’t have to wear a necktie to work.

This was not the case a few years ago.  When I was on the faculty at College America in Fort Collins, I had to wear a necktie all four days of the week that I taught.  Some days this was from 8 in the morning until after 10 at night.

Boy, am I glad the “uniform of the day” for me now is shorts and a polo shirt.

Anyway, back to the difference between a cravat and an ascot.

A cravat can best be described as a band or scarf work around the neck.  (So far, this also sounds like an ascot, tie, Apache tie and boa.)

The cravat is usually a wide, straight piece of material. It is commonly work loosely tied with the neck of the shirt of the wearer being open or not fully buttoned.

It is tied in a slip knot. The ends hang vertically, and overlap.

Ascots on the other hand (or neck) are defined as a necktie or scarf. It is tied, and the ends hang flatly, one across the other.   Many times, a decorative pin is used to secure the ascot.

Like its cousin the cravat, it is worn with an open neck shirt, but used for more formal occasions.  I have seen ascots word with tuxedos at weddings too.

The ascot gets its name from the Royal Ascot Racetrack in England.