Monthly Archives: December 2012

My bad

my badWhen doing a blog, you “meet” many people via email and by the comments they post on topics that interest them.

I am amazed at the stats for my blog when I see that people from many foreign countries read what I have to say every day.

A couple of months ago (or longer,) an attorney in San Francisco found my blog and made a comment.  Since then, we have been online conversing from time to time.

Now an attorney in Maryland has contacted me.  He has a blog that deals with words too.  He thought-and I agree-that we have a similar sense of humor.

When you get a spare moment, check out his blog that is called My bad.

Caterwaul — Do you know its meaning?

caterwaulSometimes words come up in normal conversation. I heard someone say caterwaul recently. This is an older word that you do not hear much.

What does the noun caterwaul mean?

Basically, it means to protest or complain in a noise way. It can also be any harsh cry or a shrill howling/wailing sound.

Synonyms include but are not limited to: beef, bellyache, carp complain, grouse, grumble moan, squawk and whine.

There is your brief vocabulary lesson from Words by Bob.