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Artist or artisan?

The community where I live is known for its artists.  The main thrust of art in Loveland –The Sweetheart City—is bronze sculptures.

Artist vs artisan

A recent discussion I heard used both the words artist and artisan. So, today I will investigate the difference between an artist and an artisan.

What’s the difference between an artist and an artisan? It seems this question relates to what is art and what is craft.  Not an easy distinction.

This  question is equivalent to the issue of what constitutes art and what is designated as craft.

It seems the term for the creator of art is artist.  This is a gender-neutral term.

The French form of the word, artiste, came to apply more broadly to creative professionals, especially performers.

On the other hand, those dealing with the creation of crafts have gender-specific labels — craftsman and craftswoman.

The Latin ancestor of this term is artire, which means “to instruct in the arts.”