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Gauntlet or gantlet

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Run the gauntlet, err, gantlet

In an earlier post, I mentioned that I had been using the words anxious and eager at the wrong times. (They are not interchangeable)   Well, here is another set of words I have not used correctly.

I always would say run the gauntlet but it looks like I should say run the gantlet.

Here are the definitions of the two words:

Gauntlet   A French word meaning a heavy glove usually worn by a knight. It was often armored and had a heavy cuff that covered the wrist or part of the arm.

 To throw down the gauntlet means to issue a challenge or defy someone. To pick up the gauntlet (glove) is to accept someone’s challenge like the knights used to do.

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Green with envy

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(This is a humorous column I wrote for the Berthoud Weekly Surveyor newspaper. It appeared in the July 8, 2010 edition)

I like colorful clothing, within reason. Surprisingly, even as a guy, I am able to pick out most of my own clothes and feel reasonably certain they combinations match when I step out the door.

I was somewhat befuddled about colors of shirts when I was leafing through a clothing mail-order catalog that found its way to our mailbox recently. Green is not my favorite color but I noticed a wide array of men’s shirts in the catalog that had some variation of the color green. This is confusing to me and many of my male counterparts.

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Are you disparate or desperate?


Disparate or desperate?

Many people get these two words mixed up.  Others don’t even know the word disparate exists.

The English language is so tricky, I thought I would point out the difference between these two words that some similar.

DISPARATE:  If something is disparate, it is distinct, unlike another or different in quality or character.

The population of New York City could be thought of as disparate.

DESPERATE:  Most know that desperate means having little or no hope or extreme/extensive.

I hope this blog is not making a desperate attempt at being disparate.