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Shahbaz — what the heck does it mean?

shahbaz_definitionShahbaz?  This word popped up in an article I read this morning in the local newspaper.  The theme of the article related to senior living and the green house concept.  This method of living involves smaller housing units, hence fewer bedrooms in each and easy to reach dining and living areas.

Shahbaz is a new word to me.  A search on the internet first gave me a general definition.  It said: A shahbaz is a universal worker who provides a wide range of assistance, including personal care; activities; meal planning, preparation, and service; and laundry care for seven to ten elders. The Shahbazim also perform light housekeeping duties.

Delving deeper, I found  It gave the exact definition of what I read about in my morning paper.

Here is their definition of shahbaz:  shahbaz (noun) A shahbaz is a person who works in a Green House with elders and is dedicated to (1) the enlargement of the skills and capacities that are latent within the elders and (2) the pursuit of the most positive elderhood possible. They are the midwives of a new elderhood. Plural: shahbazim

Dudeoir photography — are you serious?

 Dudeior photograhy

photo_not_availableIt should be apparent to anyone who reads that I like words.  I try to note any unusual ones or ones new to my ears when I come across them.   Also, I like to read blogs and listen to podcasts about words.

I recently heard a word that is supposed to be trending upward.  It is the word dudeoir.   Dudeoir is a spinoff from the photography style called boudoir.

Let me explain boudoir photography first.  This involves a professional photographer taking pictures of women for their significant other.  The poses are usually sexually suggestive or sensual in nature.  They are not X-rated but usually could fall in the PG-13 range.   It is different from erotic photos, in that it puts the focus (pun intended) on the aesthetic qualities of the subject.

So, dudeoir pictures are the same but the person being photographed is male.   Let that sink in.  On, I will not be posting any dudeoir pictures of me along with this post.

You are very welcome!

Haboob — What the heck is it?




Watch out for the haoob

I always look for unusual words when I am reading.  I also keep my ears open when I listen to talk radio or podcasts.

The other day, I saw a report about the recent six/seven feet of snow that got dumped on New York and the surrounding areas.

The report referred to the storm as a haboob.  Now there is a term that is new to me.

In my research, here is what I found for definitions of haboob.

The word “haboob” originated in the Arabic language.  The Arabic word, habb means “wind.”

It is a wall of dust resulting from a mircoburst or downburst of air.  The air forced downward is pushed forward by the front of a thunderstorm cell. This drags dust and debris with it as it moves along the ground.

Now you have a better understanding of the word haboob.