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Bokeh — what is it?

bokeh_definitionBokeh is the word I am thinking of today.


I came across this word as I was  reading a book on digital photography.  It can be pronounced boh-kay or boh-kuh.  In addition to being an interesting word, it would score well in the game of Scrabble.

Definition of bokeh—The aesthetic quality of the blur produced in the out-of-focus parts of an image produced by a lens.  It can also mean “the way the lens renders out-of-focus points of light.”

A photo having a smooth, silky-looking out-of-focus area behind the main subject is said to have a nice bokeh.

The word bokeh is from the Japanese language.  It’s a translation of “mental haze.”



Technology fading away


Technology really isn’t fading way but some applications maybe be subject to fading.


I recently came across the word blogfade or blog fade, if you prefer.

Blogfade occurs when a person sets up a blog and starts posting to it, only to abandon or forget about it later.  Neglecting a blog can be causes by many factors including losing your initial enthusiasm, realizing it is a lot of work, etc.  Sometimes blogs fade because the person responsible for it on an organization leaves.

Closely related to blogfade is podcast fade.  The concept is the same. Someone starts a podcasts, putting up new episodes on a regular and consistent basis.  Again, for whatever reason, they stop doing this.



Reading everything –even a shampoo bottle

shampoo blogShampoo bottle reading? Really?

Yes, I am a reader.  I read almost every of the free newspapers found at coffee shops among other things.  Growing up, I read the cereal box as I ate my morning cereal.

So, it doesn’t strike me as strange that I recently read–in detail–some of the text on the shampoo bottle that my wife placed in the shower.

I guess I should be happy that my bottle of soapy water does so much.

First is says it has the collagen plumping effect.  My hair may like this but I am not too keen on anything that will make me look plump.

Next, the bottles says it is a weightless shampoo.  What? It sure seems to have some weight, or maybe that’s just the plastic bottle.  Seems to me that astronauts might benefit from this characteristic more than me.

Next, the label states that my shampoo is silicon free.  (No dash)  I had not idea why  this is a positive attribute, so like any good computer used, I Googled it.  Seems that silicon on the hair lessens the effect of hair dye.  The silicone coats the hairs, making it harder for the coloring to adhere.   This is not a concern to me–my hair has been gray for quite some time now.

I scratched my soapy head when I saw that the shampoo I use keeps my hair thick and full-bodied for 24 hours.  If I had  more time on my hands, I might time it to see what I look like in that 25th hour.

Actually, the 24-hour effect comes with an asterisk.  To attain this lofty goal, my bottle says I have to use other products–presumably from the same manufacturer— to condition and spray my hair.  I’ll take my changes, thank  you very much.

On the back of the bottle, I am assured that by using this product, I will have what the company calls, “healthier hair with every wash.”

Boy, do I feel better.